"We just wanted to drop you a quick message after ….. first 6 weeks to say thank you to all the lovely friendly staff for welcoming ..... into New Millside. 

We were very apprehensive to send him originally with him only just being 2 and with him not being in a nursery or other setting prior to this however we feel he has come on leaps and bounds in just the short time he's been with you, it's so lovely for us to see.

When home he asks every morning to come into pre-school and talks about all of the staff but in particular Sandy. 

I will be taking the afternoon off to come along to the open day, I will send the slip back in with ….. on his first session back. 

This time next year  …..will be eligible for the 30hours government funded childcare, I have signed up online for this scheme to receive the email alerts however I wondered how far in advance I needed to talk to you about his days/sessions for then as I know how busy and popular you are! 

Thanks again for all the time and dedication you and the staff give we have been so impressed by all."


"After …..  last session before he rejoins you following the Easter holidays, I just want to say a big thank you for everything you do.

I really appreciate your hard work and dedication to make sure that and his peers feel safe and loved at preschool …… is truly flourishing in the environment and it is wonderful to see him so very happy at preschool.

His confidence his growing, his vocabulary is improving by the day and he now walks into the setting as happy as when he comes out, which as a parent is absolutely heart warming to see.

The staff at New Millside are, without exception, excellent and fill me with confidence that you are providing the very best in early education and care for …...

Hope you all have a good break and looking forward to seeing you next term."